【About the Campaign】 From among those who applied and retweeted during the period, 5 (five) people will receive a congratulatory video message from the CAST.
Please note that the message will be purposed to shoot to “Celebrate your Winning”.
You cannot specify who will be your CAST.
If the message is from Japanese language speaking CAST, the video message will also be delivered in Japanese.

【Schedule】 Begins on July 24th, 2019
Ends when our service to launch
【How to Participate】 1. Follow the official Twitter account @celebratemsg
2. Please retweet (RT) this campaign's designated tweets within the campaign period.
Application is done!

【Winning Announcement】 -The winners will be notified by a direct message (DM) on Twitter via a lottery within one (1) week of the service launch date.
-If you do not follow our account, or if you do not reply within one (1) week after the winning notice, your winning right will be abandoned.
*Please allow us in delay for notification due unavoidable reasons.
*Contact via Twitter direct message is for sending from us only. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we can not accept your message.

【If You Win...】 1. After a rigorous drawing, we will let you know that you are the winner.
*The right to win this campaign can not be transferred to another person. We also prohibit the resale of prizes.
2. Delivery of prizes is scheduled within 2 weeks.
*Please allow us in delay for delivery due unavoidable reasons.
3. Please note that comments from winners may be introduced in throughout our campaign and PRs.

【Notes】 - Upon applying, you must be over 18 years old; or else you need your parents and/or caregivers to agree for term.
- By applying, we considere that you have agreed to the content described in our Privacy Policy.
- Please note that citation tweets are not eligible for application.
- Please be sure to join with your account "public". If the account is private, it is not considered as application.
- If you apply using multiple accounts, only one application will be considered as valid; the other applications will be invalid.
- We own the right to void any inappropriate activities.
- If you do not follow our account, you will lose the right to win. Please be careful.
- We will not answer in detals for how lottery is done, and its result.
- We do not own any responsibility for damage that occurs after the delivery of prizes, unless we have a deliberate or serious fault.
- The contents of this campaign may change in the future. In that case, we will notify you via the official Twitter and webpage.